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Creamer Lines


For the cream sandwiches, we can offer entire packaging line from automatic feeding of biscuit shells, Cream sandwiching machine and Flow Wrappers. We have experience offering such solution to many customers in India and overseas.

Total automation like this provides great flexibility for users to avoid manual feeding benefiting into manpower saving and also ensuring hygiene which is inevitable in the food industry.

Considering your line output and pack style requirement, we can offer various options and range of our equipment as given below. Total line solution can be offered including preparation of the layout and customising required equipment for fitting in the existing plant layout.

  • Automatic shell feeding arrangement for transferring biscuits from cooling conveyor to cream sandwiching machine. (Either 2 lane / 4 lane) Drawing
  • 4 lane Cream Sandwich with slug loader with 2 to 3 sets flow wrap machine (One Edge Style / Family Pack Style) Drawing
  • 4 lane cream sandwiching machine with 2 sets of Pile creation unit and 2 sets of flow wrap machine in the Pile pack style.
  • 2 lane cream sandwiching machine with Pile creation unit and flow wrap machine in Pile pack style. Drawing
  • 2 lane cream sandwiching machine with slug loader & flow wrap machine (One Edge Style / Family Pack Style)
  • For manual feeding of cream sandwiches onto the flow wrapper, Cream sandwiching machine with Lane Multiplier and star wheel stacker. Lane multiplier helps to reduce total length of cooling tunnel

2 lane creamer having speed of around 1300 sandwiches per minute whereas 4 lane creamer can achieve speed of 2600 sandwiches per minute.

Pile pack machine having a flexibility of packing from 2 piles to 5 piles. On-edge machine suitable to pack lower stack lengths which is a trend in the current market.

Imported Cream pump from world’s well known supplier with a combination of properly designed Rotary dispensers ensuring accuracy in the cream deposition.

FMC make vibrators and Vibratory magazine design as per FMC guidelines which ensures smooth and transferring of the biscuits shells with a minimum noise.

Automatic Shell Feeding Arrangement:

  • Magnetic Dribble board with servo driven lateral alignment for Dribble board to match with edge of extreme biscuits lanes. This shall allow equal line pressure on each lanes.
  • Receiving Conveyors with lane merging facility for converting lanes at the start of the system to the lanes cream sandwiching machine.
  • Biscuit shell flipping Arrangement.
  • Star wheel stacking arrangement.
  • Stacking belt conveyor with vibratory stacking arrangement.
  • All belts with Endless type PU material conveyor belt from world’s renowned manufacturer.
  • 10" Color Touch Screen HMI.
  • All product contact parts will be made from Stainless steel 304.
  • Guards and covers from Mild steel.

Creamer Sandwich Machine:

  • Servo driven Carrier chains.
  • Servo driven Stencils.
  • 100/200 liter Hopper Bowl depending on the creamer model.
  • Augur and Agitator driven by separate motor.
  • Cream Pump Indigenous make.
  • Vibratory magazine design as per FMC Guidelines
  • Cream cutting wire arrangement.
  • Transport wire Up-Down arrangement.
  • Catch tray below the system to maintain hygiene.
  • Automatic Carrier chain cleaning facility.
  • Stainless steel 304 make guards and covers.
  • 10" Colour touch screen HMI.
  • Polycarbonate make transparent guards with interlocking arrangement.
  • Additional hopper, Stencils and Piping system for quick changeover whenever change in the cream flavour.
  • Omron/Schneider Electrical make system.
  • Jacketed Hooper bowl.
  • Cream pump imported from world's renowned supplier from Ms. Waukesha Cheery Burrell, USA.
  • Provision of double cream deposition.
  • Facility of Jam deposition.
  • Stainless steel 316 make Hopper, Piping and Stencil.
  • Automatic lubrication system.
  • Empty shell detection facility in case of missing shell.
  • PLC with IoT SCADA

Lane Multiplier:

  • Various combinations of lane multiplier unit connected at the end of 2 lane to 4 lane creamer.
  • 2 to 8 lane multiplier.
  • 4 to 12, 4 to 16 and 4 to 20 lane multiplier.
  • Star wheel stacker at the end of lane multiplier for stacking of cream sandwiches for manual feeding.

Slug Loader:

  • Servo driven Stacker.
  • Servo driven Latch.
  • Servo driven Top Transfer unit.
  • Planetary type gear box mounted on servo motor to avoid linkages which reduces maintenance.
  • Top Transfer suitable for dropping of product stack with pneumatically operated system.
  • Electronics from Schneider Electrical.
  • Stainless steel 304 make guards and covers.

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