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Our Divisions

Our core team consists of members with profound experience of leading their respective departments for many years. We have in depth hands on experience of dealing with various leading MNCs and domestic FMCG suppliers across the world.

Marketing and Application:

Our marketing team consisting of couple of very experience members who have spent many years working in biscuits and confectionary industry in the Middle East and several parts in Africa. Therefore,having sound knowledge of habits, requirementsand expectations of the industries in these regions. They have also dealt with many customers for flow wrapping requirement in the past which makes the task easy for the new projects.With such background, our team can help you in below matters for your flow wrapping requirements:

  • Total Packaging solution
  • Project scope definition
  • Cost saving analysis
  • Manpower reduction analysis in case of automation project
  • Helping for freezing technical specification
  • Preparing comparison with the competitors’ machine
  • Plain cutter.
  • Guiding on upstream and downstream equipment suppliers who are leading in the industry.
  • Ability of leading the entire project with a single point of contact and offer machinery required for entire production line set up.

Design & Development:

For achieving consistent success in this type machine manufacturing unit, strong and well experienced design and development team is required. We boast to have such team who has loads of experience executing all necessary flow wrapping application projects in their carrier spanning over 18 years.Our design team using latest software for designing and keep themselves updated with latest the technology required in this field. As doing in the past, we cancan below solutions:

  • Understanding the customer requirement and offering solutions accordingly.
  • Detail Layout preparation suiting with existing the plant condition.
  • Upgradation and modification in the existing layout for converting existing manual feed machine with automatic feeding.
  • Customised solution to suitable to the customers’ requirement.
  • Flexibility by keeping in mind dynamic market requirement.
  • User friendly, hygiene and maintenance friendly approach while designing.
  • Machine design matching with latest safety standard applicable in the industry.
  • Layout and machine design suitable with the future requirements and expansions.
  • End of line solutions


Our procurement department headed by the person who has spent many years for developing vendors and educating them for getting quality components/assemblies require in the machine which are proven in this industry for the past many years. He has continued this habit and made further improvements for delivering quality components which has made overall improvement in quality and the machine aesthetic.

  • Micro planning of project wise procurement activity.
  • Regular follow ups with various vendors for getting components as per the time line.
  • Close co-ordination with design and production unit.

Production and Planning:

Having spent many years in this industry, we know the importance of lead times. Hence, reliability becomes necessity for the lead time commitments. HOD with many years of experience in this field of delivering stand alone as well as fully automation project in every FMCG industry.

  • All production related activities with micro-planning for any project execution.
  • Special attention is given for machines required in short time lines.
  • Close co-ordination with design team for the further improvements.
  • Close co-ordination with procurement team for material procurement.
  • Dry run of the machine for checking various sub-assemblies and for unusual sound.
  • Trial run with product and laminate before machine dispatch.
  • Documentation for all necessary parameters and settings.
  • Dismantling activity with minimum fuss while installing the machine at site.
  • Packing of the various box with utmost care.
  • Box wise item list preparation for ease of installation activity at site.
  • Co-ordination with customer for dispatch related activity.

Quality Control:

One of the most important department for any organization. We believe, maintaining quality is day to day activity without any compromise. This will always ensure any organization to have repeat orders. This department headed by the member who is having many years of experience of the similar industry.

  • Close co-ordination with vendors for getting quality components.
  • Regular check-ups of incoming materials before handing over to the production unit.
  • Routine quality checks of sub-assemblies on the shop floor.
  • Comprehensive quality testing pointscovering entire machine assembly, trials & testing before machine dispatch.
  • Documentations for all necessary setting and parameters
  • Machine performance check ups aligning with Marketing team to fulfil the commitments made with the customers.

After Sale Services:

One of the most important department for any service related industry. Having known this fact, we are already geared up our unit with all necessary resources. Our service team headed by combination very experience and young team member. Our senior member served for this department for more than 20 years in his career. He is aware of all kinds of expectations of the customer post-dispatch of the machine/system. This department takes care of below activity.

  • Close co-ordination with production team during final machine trials.
  • Close co-ordination with despatch team for smooth installation process at site.
  • Deputation of service team depending on theirapplication wise experience.
  • Installation and commissioning process with the help of customers’ technical team so that they get necessary training.
  • Machine model wise training schedule for customers’ technical team to get them acquainted to the machine functions, maintenance activity etc.
  • Extended production support for the customers who are new to the machines.
  • Performance check up of the machines after the commissioning.
  • On-line support/Remote process diagnostics to meet up any emergency.
  • Separate team for spare related enquiry.