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Family Pack Machine


This model suitable to pack plain/dry Biscuits/Cookies, Cream sandwiches, Rusks standing On-edge (vertical) style in multiple rows.

Speed of the machine ranging from 20 packs per minute to 100 packs per minute.(Maximum 200 stacks per minute)

Different Models of Family Pack machine.

  • Family Pack machine with Single chute ( Manual feed in single magazine ) Drawing
  • Family Pack machine with Flight Conveyor ( Manual feed in flight bar) Drawing
  • Family Pack machine with Multilane Autofeeder ( Automatic feeding ) Drawing

This Models are highly versatile, reliable, flexible in change over and easy in maintenance.

Line Solution ( Connect Upstream line Wrapping machine )

  • After the cooling conveyor FWT offer Auto loading system Consist of, Dribble board, Star wheel stacker, Packing table, Metering conveyor, Lane diverting system to connect Multiple Flow wrap machine according to line capacity Drawing
  • Machine construction with Side driven mechanism to ensure hygiene and maintenance free approach.
  • Wrapper material : most common Heat Sealable wrapper
  • One pair of Pulling rollers and two pairs of sealing rollers provided.
  • Ergonomic Twin reel holders
  • Sealing jaws with horizontal serration
  • Servo driven machine.
  • Repeat length adjustment thru HMI.
  • Conventional type slip rings.
  • All parts coming in contact with the product are Stainless steel 304 or food grade plastic.
  • All guard & covers of Mild steel, transparent covers are made of Polycarbonate of 6mm thickness.
  • Powder coated based Colour shade RAL 1013.
  • Frequently opening guards are provided with interlocking arrangement.
  • Motion control with PLC.
  • 7" touch screen HMI with working programs memorization
  • Machine diagnostic.
  • Temperature control through TC
  • Power 5 KW ( depending on model)
  • Left to Right / Right to Left Machine Orientation
  • Continues 'V' notch cutter / Plain cutter / Single V notch cutter
  • Electronic Dwell
  • Twin Sealing Jaws.
  • Automatic Wrapper Roll Splicing Unit.
  • Auto sealing roller open/close
  • Row Collator unit for collation number of predefined rows
  • Empty, Joint and Spliced pack rejection
  • Pneumatic gusseting arrangement
  • Heater failure indication
  • Independent temperature control
  • 10" touch screen HMI.
  • Remote process diagnostics.
  • Stainless steel 304 make guards
  • Facility to mount Date coder unit
  • Imported sealing jaws
  • Enclosed Type Slip rings.
  • Electrical panel with Multi-pin type connector
  • Air extraction unit
  • PLC with IoT SCADA
Product Length/Diameter 30mm - 70mm
Product Width/Diameter 30mm - 70mm
Stack length 50mm - 200mm
Cut off length 85mm - 350mm
Inside core diameter of laminate roll 76 mm
Maximum outside diameter of laminate roll 300mm
Maximum weight of laminate roll 20 Kgs
Maximum width of laminate roll 400 mm
Machine height at Infeed side and discharge conveyor end 820 ±50mm
Power Supply 380/415 Volts, 50/60Hz
Approximate machine size 7.0m length x 1.8m width x 2.0 m height
Approximate machine weight 1800 Kgs

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